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#Get Sunflowered

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Get Sunflowered

ReActivate Latrobe Valley's #Get Sunflowered project is a lesson in happy-making while exploring ways to address vacancy problems in the Latrobe Valley's rapidly changing regional economy.

#Get Sunflowered has been in action for three years and, most intensely, during two growing seasons between 2014 - 2016.






The sunflowers will be planted in January 2017, the flowers will bloom in March 2017, and they will be harvested in March - April 2017.

Specific Locations will be released soon.

#Get Sunflowered has been
turning the Latrobe Valley’s greys and browns into gold and green. Local response has been overwhelming.
— Rosalea Monacella

Keen to Get Involved

#Get Sunflowered is about community organising, building cooperation to tackle vacancy-related problems that undermine neighbourhoods.

#Get Sunflowered is always looking for keen volunteers and community groups to help as site champions. In this role you'll help with planting, maintenance (weeding + culling), watering, harvest, and site clean-up.